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Why Support the Prama Institute?

Prama Institute is one of Western North Carolina’s most unique and eclectic retreat centers and gathering places for those interested in creative arts, holistic practices and sustainable living. A short stay at Prama Institute is always a rewarding experience and, for some, it can even be a life-altering event.

At Prama Institute, people take time to explore and share the invaluable gifts of human growth and community. When participants return home, their experiences stay with them and extend into the larger world of friends, colleagues and families.

By supporting Prama Institute, you partner with us in creating positive changes in individuals as well as in society at large. As a donor or sponsor, you join with us in creating changes that are both personal and social, both holistic and sustainable.

More specifically, your donations and sponsorships will enable us to bring world renowned teachers, writers, and artists to come share their inspiration and knowledge with the people of the Asheville area and beyond. Your contributions will help Prama Institute in expanding its services and thus create more opportunities for enhancing personal growth and sustainable change.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Prama Institute or becoming an intern, click here for more information.